CLPJ Submission Instructions

In 2014 CLPJ is publishing three issues: In January, June, and September. Submissions relevant to urgent legal, social, and development issues facing the Southeast Asian region will be accepted on an ongoing basis for peer review and publication in print and online. Traditional academic articles on a wide range of topics including justice, governance, labor, education, business, land ownership, and natural resource development are welcome.

Articles should be between 8,000 and 18,000 words, submitted in Microsoft Word format, with citations included as footnotes.

Whenever possible, legal articles should conform to A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010) (“The Bluebook”) for text and citations. Other standard format styles, such as Modern Language Association (MLA) for social science articles, will also be accepted. In all cases citation style must be consistent and complete.

Nontraditional formats such as narrative, commentary, interview, essay, and artwork are also encouraged.

“Notes and News” Submissions

Submissions for “Notes and News” are accepted throughout the year, and may use any format to address contemporary development and human rights issues in Southeast Asian countries. Written pieces should be between 500 and 1500 words, submitted in Microsoft Word format, with citations (if any) included as footnotes. Images may be submitted as .pdf. or .jpg files.

Volume 3 - December 2014

Notes and News

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